Black Glass is a specialized tint installer, for automotive tints, replacement and raparation of car glasses, wraps and protection films, as well as for architectural window tints.

Leader in tinting

Black Glass was established in 2006 in Novi Beograd and is a leader in automotive window tinting in Southeast Europe.

Llumar licence

Black Glass is the only tint shop in Serbia awarded the Llumar international licence, of the American manufacturer Llumar, world leader in both production quality and volume of products sold.

Window tinting - leader in the region

  • Experience
    Over 10,000 tinted cars

  • Licence
    The only Llumar-licensed tint shop in Serbia
  • Professionalism
    Installation in 1 hour, with a team of certified installers
  • Warranty
    10 years with a certificate in writing
  • Atest
    The only tint shop issuing all documents for attesting

Heat protection films

Window tinting is the most efficient way to achieve maximum heat and UV protection in your vehicle. High-quality sun protection automotive tints dim strong sunlight, reduce the temperature inside the vehicle and filter out harmful UV rays, making the car’s interior cooler and more comfortable.

Automotive films have important safety function, because in case of breakage, they hold shatteredglass together, preventing them from scattering and protecting the passengers against serious injuries. In addition to that, window tints giveaestheticenhancements to your car, making it look more elegant and modern.

Window tinting is allowed by law, and from 2018 window tint attesting procedure is simplified and accelerated.

Film types

Choose a film type and tinting percentage which suit best your car

Installation procedure

Installation of window tints in Black Glass takes about 1 hour, with a 10-year warranty

Window Tint Certificate

Find out more about window tinting attesting procedure, and we will provide you with all the necessary documentation

Black Glass services

Glass tinting

From 0 to 100% tinting
UV protection up to 99.5%
Up to 15°C reduction
7-12 years warranty

Car glasses

Reparation of car glasses
Replacement of windshields,
side and rear glasses
10 year warranty

Car wrapping

Glossy or matte films
Decorative or branded
Clear protection films
3-5 years warranty

Architectural films

Protective and decorative films
Up to 99.5% UV protection
Up to 15°C reduction
10 years warranty


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381 63 / 8229 – 096
381 62 / 8400 – 400
381 11 / 4025 – 347

Working hours
Monday – Sunday: 9 to 21h