Legislation and attesting in Serbia

Legal limits

Window tinting is allowed by Article 72 of the Rulebook on Classification of Motor Vehicles and Towed Vehicles and Technical Conditions for Vehicles in Road Traffic which came into force on April 25, 2012.

All windows behind the door post (rear side windows and rear windshield) can subsequently be tinted without limits, while windows at the driver level can subsequently be tinted up to 30% (it used to be 25%). The front windshield is not tinted.

Tinting driver level windows that were factory tinted, in combination with the lightest film (having the same heat and UV protection as the darker films) conform to the legal framework (up to 30%).

For the films installed in line with this Rulebook, TECHNICAL APPROVAL CERTIFICATES on visible light transmission of the films are issued.

The complete Rulebook can be downloaded here:

Window tint attesting procedure since 2018. year

1. The consent of the car manufecturer: This certificate can be obtained from any authorized car dealer for the Republic of Serbia. The price range of the certificate goes from 0 to 3000 dinars, depending on the manufecturer.
When installing the window tints in Black Glass, the manufacturer's consent is obtained free of charge for the following vehicles:
Mercedes, BMW, Skoda, Ford, Volvo, Infinity, Mazda, Hyundai, Citroen, Renault, Nissan, Dacia.

2. Documentation for the installed window tints: Upon the installation procedure, the authorized installers are obliged to provide all the necessary documentation for the installed tints and to put the attestation labels between the foil and the glass as a confirmation of the technical correctness of the vehicle. In Black Glass, this documentation is provided free of charge with the installation of the tints.

3. Attestation of the installed window titns by the Car-Moto Association of Serbia: The above mentiond documents should be submitted to the nearest representative office of the Car-Moto Association of Serbia for review. After taking the photo of the vehicle, the Car-Moto Association of Serbia will forward the documentation to the Agency for Traffic Safety. The fee paid to the Car-Moto Association of Serbia ranges from 2400 to 4800 dinars. The fee paid to the Agency for Traffic Safety for the processing of the documents is 3300 dinars. Few days later, the Certificate will be issued by the Car-Moto Association of Serbia.

NOTE: The Window Tint Certificate is issued only once and lasts as long as the installed window tints. Therefore, the above mentioned procedure shouldn’t be repeated upon regular vehicle registrations.